Here are the highlights of some of the cakes offered at Sam's Cakes & Bakes. Enjoy!

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Cake ID: C0301

Chocolate Fudge Cake
Most popular birthday cake! The only cake available for all special diet needs. You can have this eggless, sugar-free, gluten-free, nuts-free and dairy free! Customisation charges apply.  


Cake ID: C0302

Blue Forest Cake (Blueberry)
Heard of the famous Black Forest Cake. Now you can try Blue Forest Cake at Sam’s. A fresh cream sponge cake sandwiched with blueberry pie filling.


Cake ID: C0303

Strawberry Surprise Cream Cake
Fresh cream sponge cake sandwiched with premium strawberry jam and fresh sliced strawberries. Berry-licious!  


Cake ID: C0304

Sweet Corn Custard Cake
For non-cream cake lovers, try our fragrant sweet corn custard cake. Rich coconut and sweet corn fudge, sandwiched between layers of sweet corn sponge, a definite must try for all!



Cake ID: C0305

Pandan Kaya Fudge Cake with Fresh Coconut Slices
Rich pandan kaya fudge sandwiched with fresh coconut slices between fragrant pandan sponge cake.



Cake ID: C0306

Special Chocolate Praline Crunch Cake
This cake has 7 distinct layers. Sandwiched between layers of chocolate sponge cake slices is dark bittersweet chocolate mousse infused with a tinge of rum liquor. Combining this with a praline crunch base made from creamy grounded hazelnut paste, bittersweet chocolate and a secret ingredient that gives it a crunch! A smooth rich velvety chocolate coating gives the cake a nice finish. A perfect choice for die-hard chocolate fans!